Not Doomsday For Scrappy Ravens Team

Chris Schisler

The Ravens lost, I get it. Listening to a combination of 105.7 and WNST this morning, it sounds like they lost to the Jaguars. Twitter is in a panic and its days like this I am glad I don’t do Facebook. The Ravens lost a game to the Indianapolis Colts, in a city where they’ve never won. The Colts were the top scoring team in football. I know the loss hurts but doomsday is not upon us.

The Ravens had their worst offensive performance of the season, but it came down to 1 final drive. Think about that for a second. The Ravens went to their house of horrors, played poorly and almost beat one of football’s most explosive teams. There are no moral victories but certainly this puts things into perspective. The Ravens barely lost to a good team on the road, without their A game.

The game was an epic example of Murphy’s Law. Anything that could go wrong did. The Ravens first offensive play resulted in a turnover. Jacoby Jones made a deadly error on special teams. Joe Flacco made an awful read and threw a pick. You don’t win many games with three turnovers, especially on the road.

The offensive line was the biggest problem. James Hurst, who is filling in for Eugene Monroe, was putrid. Rick Wagner was not much better on the right side. The Colts defensive line got great penetration all day long. The turnovers and the struggles up front set a bad chain of events in motion. Joe Flacco was pressured and failed to find his rhythm. The Colts defense was dominating them; there was a sense of urgency. The urgency had the Ravens abandon the run, in hopes of big plays through the air. In hindsight this was a poor decision. In the second half, time did become a factor. This led to the unbalance to continue. If the offensive line could have protected Flacco this game may have gone dramatically different.

You cannot be mad at the defense as they limited a juggernaut offense to 20 points. The defense gave up some yards and certainly bent. However thats football in this day and age. Forcing 4 turnovers and limiting the Colts to 20 points should lead to a win. CJ Mosley was magnificent. He recorded 15 tackles, had a huge interception and crushed Andrew Luck, forcing another interception. Haloti Ngata, who caught the ball after the Mosley wallop , was very impressive.

The Ravens are now 3-2. The Bengals lost so they are still only one game behind them. The Ravens have played impressively this season, something we can’t forget after a frustrating game. Doomsday is not upon us here in Baltimore. The 1972 Dolphins are the exception, perfection is impossible. There are a lot more reasons to be pumped up than there are to be deflated. On the Ravens worst days this season, the games came down to the very end. The truth is that the Ravens have shown more scrappiness and determination in losses than many show in victories. Every goal the Ravens have is still in front of them. The loss hurt but it is not the end of the world.

One comment

  • The defense was on the field forever and not for lack of trying to get off with 3 forced turnovers. The offense just didnt sustain enough drives but that defense played lights out considering they were on the field so much against one of the top offenses in the league. Very optimistic still after the loss

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