Sunday Huge For Baltimore

Chris Schisler

Sunday is a historically big day for Baltimore. The Orioles will be trying to lock a trip to the ALCS; the Ravens will be trying to go 4-1 in a stadium they’ve never won in. It is a truly unique and special season. The Orioles have been horrible for most of my 23 years as a Marylander. I don’t think Baltimore’s two teams have ever been this good at the same time.

I did not grow up with the Orioles as a big part of my life. Part of this is because baseball just recently caught my interest and partly because the Orioles were so bad. I was 7 the last time they won the AL East; thats before I even liked football. I grew up with baseball season as the boring replacement for football in the offseason. Football season and baseball season were always separate.

In the past couple years I have tried to get into baseball. Slowly but surely, I picked up the game to a point where I can follow it. I do not claim to have any baseball expertise however; there is a reason this is called Common Sense Football and not Common Sense Sports. I love football, I like baseball. That is a big difference.

Playoffs baseball probably trumps regular season football in terms of importance. The Orioles can win the ALDS series on Sunday, which is a huge deal. I’m such a football guy, I probably would celebrate a Ravens win more. Every game matters so much in the NFL.

Its hard not to love these two teams. The Orioles have a fun personality and are a tight knit group. They provided late game dramatics in both of their playoff victories. Friday’s win was truly remarkable! The Ravens have dealt with more drama through 4 weeks than most teams go through all year. They are 3-1 and have a refreshing whatever-it takes mindset.

In Baltimore its hard to get the spotlight. We are always the underdogs even when are teams are this good. We never get the respect that we deserve. As we root for our Baltimore teams tomorrow, we should realize how good we have it. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks! GO ORIOLES, GO RAVENS!

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