Compelling Season Of College Football

Chris Schisler
Presented by Yogolaada


This is one of the most exciting seasons of College Football in recent memory. It is the first year of the 4 team playoff and there is a buzz in the air. The most amazing part of this all is that nobody can predict what is going to happen. There have been wild upsets, including Arizona upsetting Oregon last night. There is no team that looks unbeatable which makes for great games.

The number 1 team in the country, Florida State, has had a lot of drama this season. The Seminoles got a tough fight from Oklahoma State in the opening game. Two weeks ago Jameis Winston was suspended a game for saying something stupid. In that game FSU barely beat Clemson in overtime. They seemed unbeatable at that moment winning without their Heisman quarterback. Last week NC State almost beat FSU, leading most of the game. I tweeted during the game that FSU is inventing ways to almost lose a ball game.

The number 2 ranked Oregon Ducks just lost a game to Arizona. The Ducks snuck past Washington State earlier this season. The Washington State game hinted that the Ducks were beatable, the Arizona game proved it. With a very flashy offense and a gigantic victory over Michigan State, Oregon looked on their way to the playoffs. While they certainly could end up there, this is a huge blow.

The season is shaping up wonderfully for the Alabama Crimson Tide to roll. They have won every game by at least 10 points. They have had a couple powderpuff games but have looked strong against good competition. They took West Virginia’s best shot and won 33-23. They wore down the Florida Gators winning 42-21. They have tough games ahead of them but if Alabama stays undefeated, they surely will be in the 4 team playoff. It is arguable that they have been the most consistent team ranked in the top 10.

Texas A&M pulled off an astounding upset of the then ranked number 9 South Carolina gamecocks, to start the season. Kenny Hill replaced Johnny Manziel like it was no problem at all. The Aggies were very fortunate to win an overtime game against Arkansas this past Saturday. The Arkansas Razorbacks were leading most of the game, they gave Texas A&M all they could handle but they squandered the opportunity. The struggles of Texas A&M are just another example that no one is unbeatable. They remain one of the undefeated teams in college football having escaped near defeat.

You have the feeling that the UCLA Bruins are starting to get their season ramped up. The Bruins are coming off an impressive 62-27 beat down of ASU. Before that game, they barely managed victories against lesser teams, including Virginia and Memphis. The Bruins are number eight in all of the land. They have nothing but momentum going into a game against Utah. This is a dark horse for the playoffs. They have such a tough schedule that
going undefeated could lift them into the final four. If they beat Oregon, if they beat Arizona, if they beat Stanford and USC, UCLA will have as good of a resume as anybody.

Who is going to represent the SEC? Alabama versus Auburn, the iron bowl, is going to be one of the most important games of the season. We have already talked about the Crimson Tide but, neglected to talk about the 5th ranked Auburn Tigers. Nick Marshall leads one of the most exciting offenses in all of college football. But the SEC is far from won by any team. Ole Miss, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi State, Texas A&M and LSU all have a conceivabke shot at making the SEC Championship. In the most exciting conference,the SEC, there is so much football to be played and so much to be determined.

I cannot remember a year quite like this one. There are so many contenders clumps together. There are so many great upsets. there is so much up for grabs in an all new and exciting format for College Football. Tomorrow should be a fantastic day. We have one hell of a season left in front of us.


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