5 Big Plays & Why They Worked (Ravens Week 4)

Chris Schisler

Ravens beat the Carolina Panthers with big plays this past Sunday. Here is a look at 5 of these big plays from last Sunday.

1.) Ravens Get Steve Smith Sr. Going Early:

This was the Ravens first play. Fullback, Kyle Juszczyk, was lined up as a wide receiver. The Panthers were playing off in man. Juszczyk motioned inside of Smith Sr. The Panthers switched coverage responsibilities. The cornerback went with Juszczyk on the deep corner route. The strong safety was now responsible for Smith Sr., a huge mismatch. Great route running by Smith Sr. made this all to easy.

2.) Nothing But Green Grass:
The next play is a very well designed screen pass to Justin Forsett. The Ravens cleared the middle of the field with deep routes. The offensive line blocks it like a normal pass play (which really sells it) but center, Jeremy Zuttah, becomes the lead blocker.

3.) 13 Yard Run

The Panthers defensive line slants to the play side making it easier for the zone run to work. The following picture shows the hole beginning to open for Lorenzo Taliaferro.

4.) Great Design Cam Newton:

This is a bit of an exotic look. Haloti Ngata lined up in the left A gap. Pernell McPhee lined up standing over the other A gap. The formation allowed the chain of events that would bring Newton to the ground. The center struggled to block Ngata. McPhee screeched through the A gap almost untouched. Daryl Smith was picked up by the running back but Elvis Dumervil got past the tackle with ease.
5.) Ravens Sack Cam Again:

In a similar look, the Raves got to Cam Newton again. McPhee crashes the A gap, Suggs cuts under the tackle. Daryl Smith pretends to blitz, occupying the guard. Dumervil beats the tackle off the edge.

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