AFC East Up For Grabs

Chris Schisler
Presented by Yogolaada

Since 2001 the Patriots have pretty much dominated their division. The Patriots have almost won by default most seasons. This year the AFC East is up for grabs. Who will take control of this division?

The Patriots are 2-2 after getting embarrassed on Monday Night Football, by the Chiefs. The Dolphins are 2-2 and nobody knows what to make of it. Every Dolphins game has had a 13 point or greater point differential; meaning the 2014 Dolphins either dominate or get dominated. The Bills started a strong 2-0 but have lost 2 in a row. Buffalo has now benched quarterback, EJ Manuel, for Kyle Orton. The Jets are 1-3 despite playing good football; each of their losses have ended with them trailing by 1 score.

Despite the Patriots struggles they are the only team that receives the benefit of the doubt. The problem is they really are not a great team. Other than Rob Gronkowski, Brady’s targets are pedestrian. The offensive line is struggling and the defense is just okay. Brady and Belichick have a chance to right the ship but it does not look pretty for New England.

The Bills probably have the most talent in the division, believe it or not. They have playmakers at the skill positions, they have a good running game. Their defense is strong, despite the loss of Kiko Alonso, to injury. The one thing they don’t has is good quarterback play. Kyle Orton is certainly capable of managing the game. He is a good decision maker but not a game changing playmaker. If Orton provides good play the Bills could win the division.

At the end of the day, I think it boils down to the Patriots and Bills. It would not shock me if the Jets or Dolphins won the AFC East, but I don’t see it happening. Conventional wisdom says the Patriots reign again; this season however has been far from conventional in the AFC East.

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