The Ravens By The Numbers

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The Baltimore Ravens are revived this season. After a 38-10 shellacking of the Carolina Panthers the Ravens are looking better than ever. Baltimore is 3-1 a quarter inti the season. The Ravens offense is balanced and points are being put up in bunches. The defense has had issues, but its stingy when it matters most. Here are 10 statistics that show Baltimore is a force to be reckoned with.

1.) Joe Flacco Starting Season Strong:
Flacco has hit 63% of his passes for 1,055 yards and 7 touchdowns. He only has thrown 2 interceptions. He has thrown 15 passes that have gained 20 or more yards. Joe Flacco ranks 7th in passing yards.

2.) Steve Smith Is Joe’s Go To Guy:
With 25 receptions, Smith Sr. has 26% of Joe Flacco’s completions. The veteran receiver is averaging 17.2 yards per reception with 429 yards and 3 touchdowns.

3.) The Ravens Have A Top 10 Offense?:
The Ravens average 394.2 yards per game. This ranks 6th in the league.

4.) The Ravens Are Putting The Scoreboard To Work:
The Ravens rank 8th in the NFL for points per game with 25.8. This is a little misleading because of a bad week 1 scored 16. The Ravens are actually tied for 4th in points scored with 103.

5.) Pounding The Rock:
The Ravens average 4.5 yards per carry which ranks 10th in the NFL. The Ravens total running yards is 6th best with 538 yards.

6.) Big Plays On The Ground:
With 7 rushes of over 20 yards the Ravens are ranked first with the most big run plays. Division rivals, Pittsburgh & Cleveland are also in the top 5 of this category .

7.) Justin Forsett Has Shined:
Forsett has been a workhorse for the Ravens. With a 5.8 yard average per rush, he has 255 yards and 2 touchdowns. Thats not all Forsett has done; he also has 16 receptions for 63 yards. He has been huge in the screen game.

8.) Bend But Don’t Break:
The Ravens defense ranks 20th overall. This may not seem appealing, but the Ravens are stingy when it really matters. They are tied with Arizona for 2nd in points against per game with 15. Scoring 25.8 points per game while giving up 15 per game is a good way to win.

9.) Stopping The Run:
The Ravens are tenth in rushing yards allowed. Opponents average 3.3 yards per rushing attempt.

10.) Sustaining Offense:
The Ravens offense has run 275 plays from scrimmage. This is the third highest total in the NFL.

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