4 Downs With Chris (week 4)

Chris Schisler
Presented by Yogolaada

First Down: How Bout Them Ravens Hon?

We cover anything and everything but this is a very Baltimore based blog. What a wonderful time for the city it is, as the Orioles are prepping for the playoffs and the Ravens are 3-1. Lets root for an Orioles World Series and a Ravens Super Bowl. Being a football blog, we will discuss the Baltimore Ravens.

At the quarter poll, the Ravens have everything in front of them. They are right on the Bengals tail and are getting better every week. The offense is balanced and creative, the defense is keeping opponents’ scoring down. This is a very exciting time for the Baltimore Ravens.

Down 2: After Further Review

Something ticked me off in the Ravens demolishing of the Panthers. In a bang bang play (but close call) a Panthers receiver took two steps and fumbled the ball (at least thats what it looked like to me). The call was ruled an incomplete pass on the field. The Ravens challenged and burned a timeout.

Later in the game the Panthers had a close call of there own. The officials had awarded the Panthers a touchdown. It was definitely close but replays clearly showed the player was out of bounds.

The problem is that if it is close you must call it a turnover or a touchdown on the field. Every turnover is automatically reviewed, as is every scoring play. If its close it is only fair to let the automatic review happen. Secondly, you can’t give one team the benefit of the doubt (sparing a challenge) and not the other. If its that close call it so it gets reviewed automatically.

Third Down:

This has been a very competitive 4 weeks in the NFL. Nobody looks unbeatable and few teams look horrible. The only 2 undefeated teams remaining are the Cardinals and the Bengals (Both had a bye week). The NFL product has never been better. Anything can happen on game day; who had the lowly Bucs beating the Steelers? Its a crazy season, in a very good way.

4th Down: Whats To Come on CSF

Every week Common Sense Football Will give you consistency. Every Monday you get 4 downs with Chris (me). Every Wednesday you will get a breakdown of the top 5 Ravens plays from the week before and the top 10 games of the week. My NFL picks will be posted by 7pm on Thursday with no exception. Every week gets at least 1 rant, 1 show and fun college football coverage. Here at Common Sense Football, we break down the latest games and get you ready for the games to come.

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