5 Big Plays & Why They Worked (Ravens vs Browns)

Chris Schisler
Presented by Yogolaada

The Baltimore Ravens were victorious against the Browns because they made great plays in big moments. Thanks to NFL Game Rewind’s telestrator application I can show you why these plays were successful!

1.) Asa Jackson Blocked Field Goal

The Ravens blocked this fourth quarter field goal with great design. They created a numbers advantage having 3 men outside the last Browns blocker. The first two slanted inside and the Browns had almost no choice but allow a free lane to the kicker to the outside man.

2.) Lorenzo Taliaferro 31 yard run


“Juice” took Paul Kruger out of this zone run with ease, leaving the defensive end and linebacker as the key defenders. The defensive end slanted into the A gap and Marshall Yanda came back to seal him out of the play. Rick Wagner easily blocked the linebacker, which gave Taliaferro a giant running lane.

3.) Kyle Juszczyk’s first receiving TD


The outside linebacker (responsible for any route of the backfield) rushed after Joe. Juice, the fullback swung out for an easy touchdown. Man to man coverage allowed the receiver and tight end to take two players out of the play.

4.) 3rd & 1 The Other Way


The Ravens came out in an unbalanced line with 2 tight ends to one side. The Browns had 6 men to this side of the field geared up to stop the run. To the weak side the Browns had 4 players (and a cornerback out wide over the receiver). Once again the Ravens have brilliantly made a numbers advantage. Flacco turned to the strong side as to hand the ball off. Forsett faked to the strong side. The defenders on the weak side overreacted. Flacco tossed it to Forsett on the weak side for 21 yards.

5.) Steve Smith Grab Sets Up Tucker’s Game Winner


This is on the final drive of the game. The Browns are playing Cover 2 Man under. Steve Smith beats his man and the safety takes a bad angle, failing to get to Smith in time. It was a perfect throw by Flacco on a play designed to attack a vulnerability of a Cover 2 defense.

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