Baltimore Ravens Win Thriller In Cleveland

Chris Schisler

In a true crown jewel of a game the Ravens were victorious 23-21. It was tightly contested meeting that pulled your heartstrings in every direction. The Ravens found a way to win the divisional game in thrilling fashion; Justin Tucker hit the game winning field goal as time expired. With dramatic flare and boiling emotions, the Ravens got the much needed win.

The football field is not just the sanctuary for the Ravens in this trying time; it is the needed escape for fans as well. The Ravens found a way today. it wasn’t always pretty but they found a way. It was true AFC North smash mouth football at its finest. The Ravens did a lot wrong, especially on defense, but did just enough to win the football game. Cleveland played a very good contest, they just could not seal the deal.

The Ravens defense got gashed on many levels. Brian Hoyer had himself a day against soft coverage from Baltimore. The Browns rookie running backs one of them from Towson, had themselves a day as well. The Ravens offense got stuffed on a critical fourth and inches late in the game. Jacoby Jones dropped what could’ve been a long touchdown pass from Joe Flacco. Flacco could have hit Torey Smith in the end zone, late in the fourth quarter, but overthrew the receiver. The Baltimore Ravens did plenty wrong in this gigantically important victory. None of that matters; all that matters is that the Ravens won the game.

The offense did a lot of good in this game. Lorenzo Taliaferro emerged as a star. The rookie running back had 91 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Joe Flacco aided by his great running game lead the ravens on numerous lengthy drives. A critical pass to Steve Smith was beautifully placed by Flacco on the final drive. The pass put the Ravens. on the 12 yard line and sealed an opportunity for Justin Tucker’s game-winning kick. Asa Jackson, aided by a greatly designed formation, blocked a field goal from the Browns. The defense had a critical three and out forced to give the offense a chance to win. The Baltimore Ravens made big plays in very big moments of this football game. It was inspired performance against great competition.

The Ravens suffered a huge blow losing Dennis Pitta to injury. This does not put a shadow on the win but certainly dampers the celebration.There is so much to work to be done and so many things that can be improved, but we have got to be thrilled with this victory for the Ravens. Through the week we will analyze what they need to do better, for now Ravens Nation, after such a brutal week, let’s enjoy the win!

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