Week 3 NFL Predictions

Chris Schisler

In week 1 I went 9-7. In week 2 I went 8-8. My current picks record it 17-15 and am currently one game ahead of Common Sense Football Co-Owner John Langley.

Week 3 picks:

Falcons @ Buccaneers
Pick: Falcons
Reason: The Falcons looked great week 1 against the Saints and terrible against the Bengals. I think the Falcons offense looks like it did week 1 and Tampa Bay can’t keep up.

Chargers @ Bills
Pick: Chargers
Reason: The Chargers just beat the defending champion Seahawks. Rivers is red hot and the Chargers will use the momentum to win a tough road game.

Ravens @ Browns
Pick: Ravens
Reason: If the Browns beat the Ravens, I will buy the hype of the new look Browns. Until then I am picking my team to knock them back down to earth.

Titans @ Bengals
Pick: Bengals
Reason: The Bengals defense will make Tennessee one dimensional and Jake Locker will struggle.

Cowboys @ Rams
Pick: Rams
Reason: The defensive line of the Rams will frustrate the Cowboys, stifle their running game and get to Tony Romo.

Packers @ Lions
Pick: Packers
Reason: I think Green Bay is the better coached team with a better quarterback. Give me Rodgers and the Pack in this potential shootout.

Texans @ Giants
Pick: Texans
Reason: The Cardinals just beat the Giants with a back up quarterback. There is no reason the Texans can’t win as their defense is similar to Arizona’s. The Giants are a wreck right now.

Colts @ Jaguars
Pick: Colts
Reason: The Colts may be the best 0-2 team I have ever seen. Chuck Pagano will have his team ready.

Vikings @ Saints
Pick: Saints
Reason: I doubt Sean Payton will allow his team to lose two games in a row to opponents they should beat.

Raiders @ Patriots
Pick: Patriots
Reason: This is self explanatory right?

Redskins @ Eagles
Pick Eagles
Reason: After an impressive come from behind win against the Colts, how can I pick them to lose to the Skins?

Cardinals @ 49ers
Pick: 49ers
Reason: The 49ers know they need to win this game. They will play with urgency.

Broncos @ Seahawks
Pick Seahawks
Reason: Its hard to ignore the Super Bowl result from last year when making this pick.

Chiefs @ Dolphins
Pick: Chiefs
Reason: Kansas City kept up with Denver despite losing. I think they may dominate the Dolphins.

Steelers @ Panthers
Pick: Panthers
Reason: The Panthers have been a surprise. The Steelers have been unimpressive.

Bears @ Jets
Pick: Jets
Reason: Jets are a tough team at home.

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