Ravens @ Browns Preview

Chris Schisler

With a heavier schedule this week I have not gotten to do much film study. I fully intend to get back to that next week. Film studied or not, I am very familiar with the Browns. Without further ado, here is your Ravens game preview:

The Cleveland Browns are off to a 1-1 start. In week 1 they nearly completed a comeback against the Steelers. In week 2 the Browns stunned the Saints. The Browns are off to their most impressive start in recent history. Winning in Cleveland is no longer an easy game for anybody.

The Browns like to run the football a lot. Towson product, Terrence West, is becoming their star running back. The Browns have very little, in terms of weapons so West will run the ball plenty on Sunday. The Browns have a big and strong offensive line. The key for the Ravens defense will be stopping the run and making them one dimensional.

Brian Hoyer is not great by any stretch. His weapons without Gordon are subpar (without Cameron really subpar). The law of averages says that the offense will not continue to impress. The Ravens however cannot take this as a light test. Hoyer may not be Peyton Manning but he did beat Baltimore last season.

The Ravens need to attack the Browns receivers aggressively. The Ravens are hoping to have Ladarius Webb back on Sunday. If Webb plays, the Ravens starting corners are capable of shutting the Browns top 2 receivers down. Pees has been playing conservative with his coverage schemes but this is the perfect week for shutdown man to man and some heated up blitzes.

Offensively the Ravens must build on the efficiency of week 2. Expect a heavy commitment to the running game and quick releases from Joe Flacco. Flacco has been leaning on Steve Smith as his go-to-receiver. The Browns will likely try to shut him down with Joe Haden. Torrey Smith could take advantage of this.

At the end of the day this game will boil down to one thing: who wins at the line of scrimmage. If the Ravens can dominate upfront on both sides of the ball (as they did against Pittsburgh), they will win this football game.

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