Rant of The Week: Hypocrisy is Thy Name

Chris Schisler

There I was just scrolling through my Twitter timeline when things got personal. Annie Stone started a bit of an online fight with Ravens fans giddy over their big victory. Stone tweeted to Victor (@Victor_412) and Andrew Maas (@AMAAS) this tweet: ” @AnnieStone90: @AMAAS @Victor_412 Clearly you’re a big Ray Rice/domestic violence fan.” Ms. Stone threw the first punch in an online argument that ruffled more than a few feathers.

Her twitter bio reads “Jr at Plymouth St, NH as an English education major, love skiing, running, reading, writing, playing the piano; liberal, Jewish, feminist, vegan, pit bull owner,” which certainly sounds nicer than she actually is. After insulting me and some of my favorite people on Twitter, Ms. Stone blocked everyone involved. This is her greatest hits of judgmental and insulting stupidity. I feel no remorse in sharing this with you. She sent these hurtful words willingly for all to see on a social media platform. I do intendto raise several points from her comedically childish temper tantrum.
Her Tweets of note:

@AnnieStone90: @footballman58 @AMAAS @chizrocker88 @LiveMuchDieNone You’ll be better served by supporting women by boycotting the NFL

@AnnieStone90: @Victor_412 Ray Lewis is very good at obstructing justice, almost as good at the Ravens are at covering up domestic abuse.

@AnnieStone90: @LiveMuchDieNone @AMAAS If you had a heart or ever had to experience domestic violence you’d never say such things. You’re cruel and stupid.

So I tweeted this to her:

@footballman58: @AnnieStone90 you can’t reach us from the pedestal you’ve placed yourself on. Get over yourself. Football is my life how dare you judge us?

She replied by saying:

@AnnieStone90: @footballman58 What a sad life you must live. Maybe you’d be better served by spending your Sundays going out in nature.

@AnnieStone90: @footballman58 or doing something for someone else? Making the world a better place, making yourself healthier? Much better than football.

This is when I (and others) started to lose it. Anything we were pulling back out of polite Tweeting came out in full force. I tweeted this:

@footballman58: @AnnieStone90 wow you’re not a liberal. You are a closed minded ass who tweets bullshit to make yourself feel self important. #Fakecaring

She proceeded to block me and then said this:

@AnnieStone90: @footballman58 Okay, you’re cruelty and stupidity have gotten you blocked as well. Spend your time losing some of that weight fat ass.

I think you get where this social media duel went. Ms. Stone has gumption, but she lacks logic. How can she tell football fans to boycott when she dies not like football in the first place? How can she assume that being a Ravens fan is condoning the actions of Ray Rice? Ms. Stone went on the offensive, she instigated this and then blocked everyone she angered. It’s really easy to boycott something you don ‘t like; its rude to ask those who love the game to give it up.

Ms. Stone is not alone in this senseless call boycotting. The football world has been rocked by the Ray Rice headlines but it is not defined by them. Football is America’s passion and is a wonderful thing. It brings people together, it’s great entertainment and it teaches about teamwork, accountability and the importance of work ethic. Football provides joy to many and it is such a deep and complex game. Why should everything stop because a former Ravens player committed a crime? Why are you the one who decides what is a noble waste of our time?

I am a pretty liberal guy and I can’t stand people like this. This is the type of person who pretends to care about social issues. This makes her feel self important and high and mighty. She is not a liberal as she cares about judging others, not helping others. If she was a real activist she would be just as upset at Ray McDonald. I am willing to bet however that Ms. Stone knows who that is.

Rooting for my team dies not make me a bad person. Instead of writing about the Ravens dominant victory, I have wasted time talking to a moron. I usually stay away from this kind of article but this was perfect rant material. I’d say more but her tweets do all the talking”

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