Terps Win Slopfest in South Florida

Chris Schisler

The Maryland Terrapins defeated the University of South Florida Bulls 24-17 in what can only be referred to as a slopfest. Maryland looked as if they were trying to lose the game at times, making everything harder than it had to be. The Terps had 6 turnovers which made the game frustrating. In the end its a win and thats never a bad thing. The win however does not hide the obvious issues Randy Edsall’s team has to overcome as they move forward.

The inability to take care of the football is the most frustrating problem. This starts with quarterback C.J. Brown. Brown had 2 interceptions. The Terps actually outplayed USF significantly. Brown had 201 yards passing and threw 2 touchdowns. Both touchdowns were to emerging star, receiver, Marcus Leak. The first touchdown was a leaping grab in the end zone. The second was an intermediate crossing route that went for 6. The defense gave up some big plays but was relatively stingy. USF could only manage to go 9-21 on third down conversions. If Maryland would have done the little things right, they may have won in dominant fashion.

The Terps though did nothing consistently well. Every time it started to look good they made another mistake. Late in the game, Wes Brown fumbled in the red zone. Maryland regained possession and kicked a field goal already up 4. The score was 24-17 but it was less than sweet; a touchdown would have essentially ended the game. With just over two minutes remaining, Maryland’s butterfingers struck again. All they had to do was run out the clock, instead they gave South Florida new hope.

Maryland made all kinds of mistakes in this game including a few that did not hurt them. On South Florida’s final drive they were facing a daunting 3rd and long. Maryland’s defense allowed a man to get wide open in the middle of the field. The Terrapins were very fortunate that the QB threw the ball too high for the open receiver to bring down. This is just one example of little things that Maryland failed to do right. If Maryland played this way against a team playing well, 6 turnovers and overall sloppy play would have led to a resounding loss.

At the end of the day it counts as a win and that is all that matters. The Terrapins are 2-0 on the season. So far sloppy, ugly and inconsistent play has not cost the team anything. It may have been the sweltering heat or just a typical bad day but it was frustrating to watch. Though I must admit, a team who can win on a bad day has much resolve.

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