Ravens Show Resilience In Heartbreaking Opener

Chris Schisler

In a game that featured a season’s worth of deflating moments, the Baltimore Ravens lost 23-16. The Bengals led wire to wire. The Bengals mounted a 15 point lead. The Ravens defense was conservative and was scorched in-between the 20 yard lines; It was stingy in the red zone. In a game that could have been a blow out the Ravens showed resilience but still fell short.

The Ravens started the game horribly. The first 3 quarters was a slow and painful torture. The defense kept it close, which served as a sort of sliver of hope. There were so many chances for the Ravens to take control of this football game. When they did in the fourth quarter taking a 16-15 lead they just needed one stop from the defense.The Bengals scored a touchdown and Chykie Brown never had a chance. Seriously why is he covering one of the best receivers in football? The Bengals had their dagger.

The Ravens would march down the field only to be stopped on downs after two consecutive sacks. The last play the Ravens were in an empty set (5 man protection) the Bengals sent an overload blitz and the rest was painful history.

Im riding on the bus back from football heaven and I’m more angry than anything. I mean are you kidding me? The Baltimore Ravens lost a game because they asked for it. You don’t win many games when you have 10 dropped passes, stupid penalties and you put Chykie Burnt Like Toast Brown on A.J. Green in the big moment. You don’t win a lot of games when you only start playing well when the fourth quarter begins. I’m angry because this team is so damn talented at pissing me off. I’m angry that we lost a winnable game and that we beat ourselves. I apologize for the rant but this is the controlled PG-13 version.

The Ravens showed heart. They got their butts kicked on a bad day and almost won. Its not acceptable, its not-but its not all bad. You have to be at least a little proud of coming back and making it a game. Its not like we thought we’d go undefeated. We have our first loss, we have a quick turnaround with the Steelers on Thursday. No sense in sulking (though Im going to indulge in my misery for a little bit) we have to go get our first win.

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