Ravens Pregame Thoughts

Chris Schisler

Its finally here! The first NFL Sunday is here and we at Common Sense Football couldn’t be more thrilled. I am going to the Ravens game and will therefore have a great perspective on today’s action. From up in the corner of the end zone I get to see the entire play, not just what TV allows you to see.

Here are a few pre-game thoughts to digest with your tailgate. First we have to talk about the probable on field absence of Ladarius Webb. If Webb misses the game due to his back, than hopefully Asa Jackson and not Chykie Brown fills his shoes. Regardless without Webb the importance of great pass rush has increased. Look for the Ravens to be really aggressive early. I think blitzing up the gut early with Mosley and Smith will help our outside linebackers rush off edge easier.

Another important note is in regards pass protection. The Bengals have a really good defensive line, led by the ferocious Gino Atkins. Quality pass protection is essential to victory. Joe Flacco will also need to be aware of the Bengals ability to tip passes.

Finally we must run the ball effectively. If the Ravens have a 100 yard rusher, they will win the game. This will be a dog fight and the Bengals will bring the heat relentlessly on Joe. If the Ravens become 1 dimensional, they will struggle.

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