Seahawks Dominate In Kickoff Game

Chris Schisler

The season kicked off with a bone crushing Seahawks hit on the Kickoff return. The Packers drive started at the 13 yard line. Green Bay picked up a couple first downs featuring their powerful running game. It was a a wise plan considering the pass protection issues the Packers had in their previous meeting with the Seahawks. When the Packers initially went to their passing game the Seahawks defense had its fun. A sack ended the Packers opening possession forcing them to punt.

The Seahawks first drive featured three Percy Harvin plays, including the run play he burned Denver with in the Super Bowl. Russell Wilson was saved from an interception by a nice effort by, tight end, Zach Miller. The Seahawks went on to score the first field goal of the 2014 season.

The big moment of the first quarter was when Earl Thomas muffed a punt return. This is when Aaron Rodgers came alive. He took advantage of man coverage against Jordy Nelson (with Richard Sherman on the other side). John Kuhn scored the first touchdown of the season with a 3 yard rush.

The Seahawks would strike back quickly with a 6 play 80 yard drive. Percy Harvin had a big 33 yard reception in which he managed to get wide open for, across the middle of the field. Harvin accounted for 68 of the Seahawks 221 yards in the first half. The next play was a thing of beauty. Russell Wilson hit Ricardo Lockette for a touchdown pass on a read option fake. The cornerback came rushing into the backfield to stop the run , allowing Lockette to be open as could be. The Seahawks led 10-7.

The next Packers drive ate up over 6 minutes off the game clock but only ended with a Mason Crosby field goal. The Seahawks needed only 6 plays to march back down the field for another touchdown on the subsequent possession. That was the final score of the first half; the Seahawks led 17-10.

There were three themes to the first half. The first was the Packers effort to help Aaron Rodgers with the running game. Eddie Lacey had 8 first half carries, James Starks had 4 carries and Kuhn of course rushed one into the end zone. The second theme was the Seahawks commitment to getting Harvin the ball. Harvin touched the ball 7 times in the first half. The third theme of the first half was the Packers completely avoiding Richard Sherman. It was a very good first half between two very good teams.

Things snowballed quickly for the Green Bay Packers. The third quarter belonged completely to the Seattle Seahawks. By the end of the quarter the Packers were behind 29 to 10. It was a quarter in which the Packers had several nightmare situations. The Packers down 10, went for it on fourth down close to midfield. The Packers argued that the officials never reset the playclock and therefore unfairly rushing them. The argument was frivolous. The Packers also surrendered two points on a safety.

The Packers were not going to just sit and take their beating. Rodgers orchestrated a magnificent 82 yard touchdown drive to make it a 13 point game. The drive however had the tremendous cost of taking over 5 minutes off the clock. The Seahawks ate up clock and marched for another touchdown. That was not all she wrote; it was all she wrote that mattered. With just over two minutes Seattle led 36-16. The Seahawks toyed with Green Bay like a Dolphins toys with the fish it eventually devours. The reigning kings of the NFL food chain chomped down on their first opponent with relative ease. The Seahawks may be the first team poised to defend their championship since the Patriots did 10 years ago.

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