Ravens Bullet Points (Offense) Week 1

Chris Schisler

The Ravens face the Bengals on Sunday to kick off their season. Here are three things to keep in mind offensively:

1.) The Bengals will test the Ravens offensive line. Last year the unit was atrocious. This year it should be better but it is still unproven. The Ravens should prepare for a lot of blitzes until they prove they can handle it. I expect the Bengals to attack in two places. The first is at second year tackle, Ricky Wagner. It would not be shocking to see overload blitzes at Wagner. The second place is right up the middle. The Bengals had so much fun last year with Gino Gradkowski they are bound to try again. Jeremy Zuttah must be ready for some exotic looks coming his way. Kubiak needs to be ready with his blitz beating plays in the big moments of this game.

2.) Look for a heavy dose of the Ravens 2 tight end sets. The Ravens are facing a really tough secondary. Relying on Dennis Pitta, Owen Daniels and even the fullback we affectionately call Juice, will help Joe Flacco start off strong. This will allow the Ravens to steer towards the most favorable match ups and will also help the receivers get open.

3.) The Ravens need to tun the ball effectively. This is first and foremost in regards to importance. A strong rushing attack will allow the Ravens to stay balanced, stay on schedule and will open play-calling doors. So much of the Kubiak offense is built off the running game. If we can’t run the ball it takes huge parts of the offense away.

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