NFL Predictions: Week 1

Chris Schisler

Green Bay Packers vs Seahawks
Pick: Seahawks
Reason: The Seahawks are very tough at home. Its going to be a brutal environment for the Packers with Seattle’s excitement from last year. The Seahawks defense will get to Aaron Rodgers and stifle the prolific Packer offense.

Bengals vs Ravens
Pick: Ravens
Reason: The Ravens are the better team and they are at home. Joe Flacco will have a fast start in the Kubiak offense, to out duel Andy Dalton.

Bills vs Bears
Pick: Bears
Reason: The Bears will start the season with some good old home cooking. Jay Cutler has plenty of weapons; the offense should stretch out this very strong Bills defense.

Steelers vs Browns
Pick: Steelers
Reason: In an ugly game, only one team here has a quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger will lift the Steelers barely past Cleveland.

Redskins vs Texans
Pick: Texans
Reason: The Texans will rely on their defense and running game to beat Washington. I think RG3 will struggle early and often in this game.

Jaguars vs Eagles
Pick: Eagles.
Reason: I think this could be a decent game, but the Eagles have way too much fire power for the Jags.

Titans vs Chiefs
Pick: Titans
Reason: The Titans got better this offseason and I think they will be tough to handle. I think Bishop Sankey will have an impressive debut to help Tennessee pull off the upset on the road.

Patriots vs Dolphins
Pick: Patriots
Reason: I will pick the Patriots in this game until given a reason not to.

Vikings vs Rams
Pick: Rams
Reason: The Rams have the best defensive line in football. I think the defense manages to limit Adrian Peterson’s big plays. Matt Cassell will struggle. The Rams will run the ball well at home to win the defensive battle.

Saints vs Falcons
Pick: Saints
Reason: The Falcons defense looks incredibly suspect to me. The Saints offense looks incredibly explosive.

Raiders vs Jets
Pick: Jets
Reason: Its a tough first test for Oakland’s rookie QB, Derrick Carr. The Jets defense is good and its run by a defensive mastermind. The Jets will force a couple turnovers and lean on their rushing game to win their opener.

Panthers vs Buccaneers
Pick: Buccaneers
Reason: With 3 6’5″ targets against a suspect secondary Josh McCown will lead Tampa Bay past the Panthers.

49ers vs Cowboys
Pick: 49ers
Reason: The 49ers are simply the better football team. All the defense has to do is stop the Cowboys a couple of times because Dallas is not stopping the 49ers offense. The 49ers will dominate in time of possession and will force a key turnover or two on defense.

Colts vs Broncos
Pick: Broncos
Reason: The Broncos are tough to beat in Denver. Give me Peyton Manning in this shootout.

Giants vs Lions
Pick: Lions
Reason: I think Matthew Stafford put up a lot of points in front of a pumped, up Monday Night home crowd. I think this one will be embarrassing for the Giants.

Chargers vs Cardinals
Pick: Chargers
Reason: Phillip Rivers will be the difference in this very good battle.


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