3 Reasons VT Can Upset Ohio State

Chris Schisler

The 8th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes host the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday night, in front of a national TV audience. The Buckeyes are favored to win at home against the unranked Hokies. The Hokies however have a chance to provide the football world a very entertaining upset. Here are 3 reasons Virginia Tech can win the game.

1.) Ohio State is overrated. There is a reason Urban Meyer stacks so many favorable match ups on his schedule. Every time the Buckeyes play a truly great opponent they have been exposed. Their Big Ten rival Michigan State put an end to their undefeated season last year. The Buckeyes dominate in recruiting and get talented players. What Urban Meyer has done is build a very good program and sold it as a great program. He gets away with it because people love to make excuses for Ohio State. Now I am not trying to suggest that Virginia Tech is a great opponent. The Hokies are up and coming maybe, but they are not a power in the ACC. The Hokies are a good team, and they sure are better than Navy. Ohio State got embarrassed last week against Navy. It took them until late in the second half to pull away from Navy, a team with much less talent and much less depth. Virginia Tech is a bigger and stronger program than the Navy Midshipmen. If Ohio State does not take them seriously it could get ugly.

2.) Ohio State gave up 370 yards rushing to Navy, last week. Navy ran the same plays over and over. Ohio State could not stop them. Their defensive line got pushed around. The linebackers played undisciplined and tackled poorly. Last week Virginia Tech rushed for 222 yards as a team averaging 5.3 yards a carry. Shai McKenzie rushed for 106 yards on 9 carries, including a 39 yard touchdown. Virginia Tech can run the football, Ohio State has shown trouble stopping the run.

3.) This game is Virginia Tech’s big moment. This us a team that has a lot of young talent just waiting for a big time moment like this. Here is the thing about upsets: the longer you let the underdog stick around the more the believe they can win. Virginia Tech won’t be scared of Ohio State and a strong start will stun the crowd. Ohio State trailed Navy 7-6 at the half. If Virginia Tech is ahead at halftime, they may be on their way to shocking the world.

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