College Football: Top 5 Most Impressive

Chris Schisler

This is my top 5 most impressive teams in college football, after 1 week.

1.) Florida State:
The Seminoles survived a scare against Oklahoma State. That’s no reason to drop the Seminoles from their number 1 position. They showed some resilience. They have more big play capability than anyone in college football. Until they lose, they’re number 1.

2.) Alabama:
The Crimson Tide also got a tougher ball game than they asked for. The Tide though showed that they were a classic Nick Saban team. They are a physical team that wears you into submission with a power run game. I don’t think many teams can handle that powerful prostyle offense for 60 minutes.

3.) Georgia:
The Bulldogs whooped a very impressive Clemson team 45-21. Todd Gurley may be the most impressive player in the country. The scary thing is they have plenty of dynamic playmakers. What impressed me the most was Georgia’s defense. The squad was stingy, fast and physical.

4.) Texas A&M:
“Kenny Football” will be just fine, filling the shoes of Johnny Manziel. The offense looks unstoppable, the defense wildly improved from a year ago. Texas A&M just won a very tough road game. Just imagine what they can do in College Station.

5.) Oregon:
The Ducks simply have the best athletes in the country. With an crazy pace Marcus Mariota runs an offense that gives defenses nightmares. They have speed and mismatches at every position.

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