Josh Gordon Suspension (Rant Of The Week)

Before I begin a full fledged rant of epic proportions there are three things I need to preface it. First of all, I don’t think marijuana should be illegal. What adults want to do is their business. Marijuana being lumped with the real screw your life drugs is like a kitten being lumped with lion.

The second thing is that when you sign a contract you are bound by the established rules of your employer. If the employer says no pot, then lay off the pot.

Thirdly, savor this article. After this I am ignoring Cleveland, unless they give me a football reason. Im sick of this obsession with the Browns. I am fed up with talking about a quarterback who has done nothing but flip the bird. Its Cleveland. I repeat it is Cleveland.

Now let the Josh Gordon rant begin. His appeal of his season long suspension has been denied. It was pretty obvious that his appeal was a useless endeavor. This is a guy who brought it on himself. Feel no sympathy this suspension is deserved.

Gordon’s problem is his inability to stop smoking marijuana. He is a third time offender to the NFL substance abuse policy. He was suspended for 2 games last year. Gordon kept breaking the rule, and his punishment kept escalating.

It is important to understand that his punishment is not just for smoking marijuana. Save your “Its just pot bro”
sentiment. Also, stop complaining that Ray Rice was only suspended two games for domestic violence while Gordon got an entire year. Ray Rice was a first time offender and got punished as such. Gordon was originally given the same suspension; the argument is weak at best.

There is a reason Gordon was a supplemental draft pick. Every one knew the guy came with a self destruct button. If you want to argue that pot should not get NFL players in trouble, I have a question for you. Unless they play for Denver or Seattle (where its legal to possess) why should the NFL condone breaking the law? That seems like a liability to me.

The biggest point I want to hammer home is that this is not the place for the “legalize it man” soapbox. Its an argument I am all for but this is not the place. This is not a marijuana issue. Its an insubordination issue. Its a lack of self pride and discipline issue. Its an issue of a man’s priorities being out of whack. It is not a pot issue. If the “legalize it man” movement is looking for a poster boy, they need to look further than Gordon. He is the actual embodiment of the arguments against legalizing the drug.

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