Another 4 Downs with Chris Schisler

1st down
The big news of the day was the surprise trade between Tampa Bay and New England. The Patriots sent their reliable guard, Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay. In return the Buccaneers gave second year tight end Tim Wright. The Patriots want to rekindle what they had with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Wright is a solid tight end. The Patriots better hope their replacement can fill the shoes of a man who started 130 games as a Patriot.

2nd Down
Yesterday I went to the movies to see When The Game Stands Tall it was a decent film based on a true story. It was refreshing. Every high school coach preaches the same things. In my experience they don’t practice what they preach. The coach in the movie did. The football scenes were done well. If you can get passed the over enforced music (which makes it cheesy) than its pretty good.

3rd Down:
The Ravens have to make the cuts to drop to 53 men by Saturday. Receiver and cornerback are the most interesting areas. I think they keep 6 wide receivers and 5 corners. They have safeties who can play the nickel back role if needed.

4th Down
Sit back and relax and have some football. College Football has a big night on Thursday, Madden is in season and the NFL will ramp up soon. Its an exciting time of yearZ

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