Ravens Rookies Will Impact Team

Chris Schisler

It is impossible to really judge a draft class until 3-4 years after their draft. This true statement however leaves little room for journalistic fun. The preseason is almost wrapped up and we have gotten our first look at the rookies. Lets examine the Ravens 2014 draft picks based on what we have seen thus far.

Rookies Who Will Make Impact

CJ Mosley

Mosley has been more impressive in preseason play than anyone could have predicted. He plays fast, and if he makes a mistake he does it in full speed. He has shown a high football IQ.

Timmy Jernigan
Jernigan has been explosive in the preseason. He has a rare combination of quickness and strength. Eventually he projects to be a star. He is still developing in the NFL but will make a positive impact this season.

Terrence Brooks

It took Brooks a little while to get up to speed with the Ravens defense. Brooks however started to show this past week his great talent. Brooks is still a project for the coaches but will be something special soon.

Crockett Gillmore

Gillmore is a young strong tight end. He will play a role (mostly as a blocker). If Owen Daniels “fatigued legs” becomes serious, he could play a larger role in the offense.

Lorenzo Taliaferro
at this point in the draft Taliaferro may end up being a steal. The rookie running back shows promise. He has been a steam roller with the ball this preseason.

When 5 of your 8 draft picks may play a significant role right away, that is a successful draft.

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