Examining Ravens First Cuts

Chris Schisler

The Ravens that were cut:
Richie Leon, Punter
Deji Olatoye, CB
Omar Brown, Safety
Marrio Norman, CB
David Mims, OT
LaQaun Williams, WR
Mike Wille, WR
Cierre Wood, RB
Nicholas DiMarco, OLB
Austin Spitler, LB

The Ravens Injured-Waived:
Shaun Chappas, FB
Brett Van Slotten, OT

The Ravens Placed On IR
Brent Urban, DT
Lewis Kappron-Moore, DT
Will Rackley, OG

Biggest Surprise: The only surprise is Omar Brown being cut. We predicted him to make the final roster in our first CSF projection. Brynden Trawick has played really well this preseason. This left Brown as the odd man out in the secondary. It was a pretty sensical first series of cuts. The players we expected to be gone early are gone.

Most Heartbreaking: I was pulling for LaQuan Williams. I always root for former Maryland players to succeed. Williams was born and raised in Baltimore. Playing in the NFL is his goal but playing for the Ravens was his dream. I always believed in Williams. The cut was not surprising; Baltimore has a lot of talent at wide receiver. I was rooting for him though.

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