Evaluating Joe Flacco’s Preseason

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens have lofty expectations for their Super Bowl MVP quarterback. Joe Flacco is living up to these expectations in Gary Kubiak’s offense. In the preseason Joe completed 64% of his passes; for breaking in a new system, I’d say thats pretty efficient. Flacco has led the Ravens on at least one scoring drive in all three preseason games. If you are a Ravens fan you have to be excited about Joe Flacco.

Poised to have a career year, Joe Flacco looks rejuvenated. His footwork is more precise. He is throwing on time bullets and stepping into the throws better. He seems to have better pocket awareness (possibly a positive side affect of improved technique). It may be a small sample size but Joe Flacco is playing better from a fundamental standpoint.

We saw this on the Ravens first offensive drive of 2014. The Ravens marched 80 yards for a touchdown. The running game was refreshing and the passing game resurgent. Joe went 4/5 for 52 yards on the scoring drive. From only 5 throws it was clear Joe Flacco felt confident in his new offense. The common rhetoric was that the Ravens would have to ease into the new offense and gel on the job. The offense however, did not get the memo and came out firing.

Against Dallas the offense started off slowly though. Much of this may have been sitting on the bench for over an hour until finally getting on the field. Joe Flacco would heat up and the Ravens offense had three scoring drives (1 TD, 2 FG). Flacco completed 9/17 for 113 yards and threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Torrey Smith. Even when the offense was out of sync, the Ravens quarterback was able to right the ship.

Last night Flacco put the finishing touches on his preseason performance. He went an impressive 16/23 for 180 yards and a touchdown. He clearly evidenced a strong connection with Steve Smith Sr. who had an impressive touchdown snag. The Ravens offense would have liked to score more points but there was plenty to be happy about. The passing game efficiently moved the ball.

The starters don’t play in the final week of preseason football. Joe therefore finishes the preseason with an impressive stat line of: 29/45 345 Yards 2 TD.
The Ravens quarterback could shine this season.

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