Bubble Boy Football Presented by Roger Goodell

Chris Schisler

It is no secret that the NFL favors offense. In fact if Roger Goodell and company had their way every game would be won 58-55. The number one knock on baseball, soccer and hockey is that little happens on the scoreboard. You can often step away from these sports without missing much. Football is so afraid of the viewer going away that its even flirting with changing the routine PAT. Is this constant tinkering to the favor of offense good for the game?

The average fan does not want to see a 13-10 ballgame featuring amazing defense. They want to see the ball in the air and touchdowns to cheer for. I’m not saying a good barn burner is not entertaining, because it is. What I am saying is that it is a real shame that more can’t enjoy some smash mouth football.

Back in the day throwing the football was a hard thing to do. The defense could do just about anything to receivers and quarterbacks were given no special treatment. That is why the game was built through the ground game first. This is also why we have to have a great admiration for the historic greats like Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry. It was a tougher game back then.

When you look at professional football today, its a completely different story. After 5 yards off the line of scrimmage the defense cannot touch receivers running their routes. Pass interference, defensive holding and illegal contact are called all to frivolously. There are a whole new set of rules for defenseless players-a term that did not exist until a few years ago.

Quarterbacks practically live in a bubble. You can’t hit them high and you can’t hit them low. Its humorous that as the players got bigger, stronger and faster, the game has decreased in toughness.

A fair set of rules should not favor anyone as they apply the same to everyone. Receivers can initiate contact and the defender will get the penalty. It does not take an Albert Einstein like brain to see the unfairness of the rules. Gratefully there is a solution out there that does not require a genius to think it.

The solution is quite clear. All we have to do is let them play football. Give up the ridiculous notion that defensive backs have to play at a disadvantage. Give up the security system around the quarterbacks. Johnny Unitas would be ashamed of todays treatment of quarterbacks; in his day the QB had to be the toughest and strongest leader on the planet. Let defenders play football the way it was meant to be played. I am not suggesting that we revert back into the anything goes style of football. I just think we should look at football realistically. Its a physical game and defense is just as important as any part of the game.

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