Joe Flacco Bashers Exist Because…(Rant Of the Week)

Anyone who follows this website understands how I feel about Joe Flacco. He is Baltimore’s Super Bowl MVP and a key reason the Ravens have been so successful since 2008. This is not an argument for why we need to appreciate Joe. We have written that article before. This is not an argument of why Flacco bashers are buffoons. We have really driven that home already. This is an explanation for why Joe Flacco takes so much heat from the media and from fans. In the face of so much success Joe Flacco has more critics than any player I can ever recall. Today we take a look at why this is.

There are three sources for people’s disdain towards Joe Flacco. Firstly and most importantly people are turned off by his personality. Flacco has a very calm nature about him. He is quiet, not really very charismatic and his own father uses the adjective dull to describe him. Adding his quirky personality with his strong sense of confidence creates an unlikeable and unmarketable character to many. Joe Flacco is not what you expect a superstar of his level to be.

People tend to criticize Joe Flacco for his poor leadership qualities. The truth is Joe Flacco is a tremendous leader. I think in Baltimore we associate leadership with Ray Lewis. While Ray Lewis clearly was a great leader, we cannot take a one size fits all approach when it comes to leadership. Flacco is a different kind of leader. Cool under pressure, unshakable and tough as nails, that sounds like a leader to me. Because of his personality, the world tends to misperceive Joe Flacco.

Joe Flacco’s contract is the second source for the animosity flung his way. Flacco was the popular scapegoat for the Ravens 8-8 2013 season. The false narrative that spread like wildfire is that Joe’s contract crippled the Ravens. Flacco was named the reason why a bevy of players went to other teams. When fan favorites like Anquan Boldin are gotten rid of, fans want someone to blame. People see the headline “Flacco gets $120.6 million” and lose their cool. They don’t realize that it is a cap friendly deal that will be restructured a couple times. People read headlines and skim through articles. Thats why I work so hard on my titles. It is also why people get angry about Joe Flacco.

Finally the national media is quick to disrespect Joe because he is not their typical star. Its easier to get a national audience to dislike Joe Flacco than it is to get them to like him. Why do you think the controversially foolish, Skip Bayless clings so tightly to his anti-Joe stance? It is no coincidence that Bayless has 1.4 million Twitter followers (despite the fact that he follows no one). People start to get trapped into this national media led groupthink. Where there is groupthink there is no need for facts. The old saying that perception is reality applies here. As long as people hold personality above talent, and people are shallow, shallow enough to buy the national sports media driven message, there will always be Joe Flacco Bashers.


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