Halftime Report Ravens @ Cowboys

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens defense was the focal point coming into the game, and we certainly saw a lot of them in the first half. The Baltimore Ravens offense did not get on the field until over an hour after the game had started. The defense struggled to get off the field. Courtney Upshaw did score a touchdown on a fumble recovery, though the fumble was an unforced error on Tony Romo. Deonte Thompson scored on a kick off return, which put the defense on to the field field for a third straight possession.

The Ravens defense was inconsistent. On the first two run plays they strongly knocked Dallas backwards. But the Ravens gave up several big runs and once again struggled with outside contain.

Jimmy Smith suffered a chest injury on a stellar defense of Dez Bryant. Smith landed brutally on his back and spit up blood as he got to his knees. The injury was later determined to not be too serious but he was clearly done for the night. Not surprisingly, Dez Bryant scored an easy touchdown against Dominique Franks.

When the offense finally got onto the field they were sorely out of rhythm. The first drive gained only 5 yards on 1 run. The Cowboys had already amassed over 120 yards offensively. Flacco looked less sharp with his footwork and quick release, the line got pushed much more than last week as well. The offense heated up however with three scoring drives (1 touchdown, 2 field goals. Flacco was not marvelous but did make beautiful passes to Jacoby Jones and Torrey Smith in the touchdown drive.

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