Redskins Name Alternatives

Chris Schisler

Whether or not you believe the Redskins name must be changed, you understand the insulting nature of the name. This is not an article persuading in either direction of this debate. Dan Snyder is a stubborn man and a tiny blog post will not register on his radar. Lets however brainstorm the best ideas for a new franchise nickname:

1.) Washington Senators: For once we would have senators who actually do something. Granted this would be playing football not working on important legislature. They may even put in some overtime.

2.) Washington Pigskins: Would this really be a drastic change? Hail to the Pigskins, anyone?

3.) Washington Americans: The best thing about this is it would really tick off the New England Patriots.

4,) Washington Wolves: This just sounds badass.

5.) Washington Knights: A red and yellow sword would look great on their helmet.

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