Keeping up With the Manziel (Coverage)

Chris Schisler

We got our first taste of Johnny Manziel playing for the Browns tonight; of course this is the only thing that ever mattered (Sarcasm). It was a decent showing for the rookie quarterback no one will stop talking about. Manziel completed 7 for 11 passes for 63 yards and rushed for 27 yards. Brian Hoyer started the game and went 6/14 for 92 yards. Considering Hoyer played with starters and Manziel with backups you would think this was a big night for Johnny Football.

Most importantly Manziel was efficient. Two of his four incompletions were dropped passes and the other two were balls that sailed over his receiver’s head. Manziel was helped by play calling that was in his comfort zone. He had a couple read-option plays and a couple designed quarterback runs. Manziel stepped into his throws and had real zip on the ball.

There were some “rookie” moments. For example while going for it on a fourth and short Manziel ran a bootleg. Instead of throwing the football to a wide open fullback he kept it himself, barely making the necessary yard. Overall Browns fans should be pleased with Johnny Football. Brian Hoyer better watch out.

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