Ravens vs. 49ers Quarter 1

The Ravens began the game kicking off to the 49ers and the returner got to the 27. The first drive of the game went the 49ers way. It was a drive that featured bad run defense and a questionable roughing the passer penalty on Pernell McPhee. In the red zone Matt Elam made a huge tackle preventing a first down. On 3rd & 1 Brandon Williams made the stop; the Ravens had great push. The 49ers kicked a field goal, the score was 3-0.

The Ravens offense looked simply amazing. Joe Flacco led a 10 play 80 yard touchdown drive. The drive started with something the Ravens used to be known for a 6 yard run by Ray Rice. There was a balanced attack (44 rushing yards, 64 passing yards) that utilized the entire field. The running game was effective. Flacco quickly went through his progressions and his footwork was as good as advertised. The offensive line was good. The best part was the energy. There was a pace that Baltimore has never seen. Clearly there is reason for great expectations on the offense

The starters played a second drive defensively that went much better. Rookie linebacker CJ Mosley seemed to get it together after mild struggles on round 1. His quickness was very nice to see. Even on the first drive he played fast.

The starting offense (other than Ricky Wagner and Jacoby Jones) was done after their impressive drive. Tyrod Taylor dazzled with a long run but actually went through progressions and passed well (a welcome surprise). He did not have a quick release and did get sacked a couple times. The most important note of the first quarter was probably the offensive line’s success espescially Wagner’s good performance.


  • I think one of the most exciting things I saw was a much more prominent push from the offensive line on the run plays of the first drive. Much better than last year. Could we become a dominant rush team again? Thatd be nice

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