Final Thoughts: Ravens Preseason Game 1

Chris Schisler

The Baltimore Ravens were winners in their first preseason game, 23-6. While the score itself is not meaningful it is indicative of the quality all throughout the Ravens roster. The Ravens now have live game action on tape which is a good thing. It gives the coaches a chance to focus on what they still need to work on with the players. It was just one preseason game, however there is a lot to be excited for in Baltimore.

I have already told you that the starting offense dazzled. Now I will explain why I was so dazzled. The Ravens looked like a completely new team. The running game was effective behind a offensive line that moved in complete unison with quickness and power, that got to the second level of the defense. Joe Flacco had 4 completions to 4 different players. The Ravens offense was balanced and attacked every portion of the field. Flacco’s release was quick and his footwork…he looked like a brand new number 5.

The Ravens do have some concerns though. The starting defense allowed the 49ers to drive into the red zone with relative ease. The run defense was awful, there was no push and there was no outside contain. The pass defense was less than impressive. Granted Chykie Brown starting in Webb’s position did not help,

We should not be satisfied with the Ravens stop in the red zone. The Dean Pees defense last year had a bend a lot but don’t break in the red zone reputation. The defense must correct its problems or we can expect more of the same.

It was exciting to see progress from Tyrod Taylor while it lasted. However after an impressive start the wheels came off. He had trouble reading the defense. His footwork was sloppy and he held the ball too long. He does not fit the Kubiak offense.

Players whose stock went up:
Ricky Wagner, OT
CJ Mosley, LB
Asa Jackson, CB
Dominique Franks, CB
Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB

Players who stock went down:
James Hurst
Chykie Brown
Tyrod Taylor

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