5 Things To Take from Quarter 2 Ravens vs 49ers

Chris Schisler

1.) Tyrod Taylor made dramatic improvement. Taylor did what he always has done but he did it better. He made plays with his legs but he seemed like more of a passer than last year. He actually understood his progressions and threw the ball with more accuracy. He held the ball too long but its very positive showing so far for the Ravens back up.

2.) Asa Jackson stock went up, Chykie Brown’s stock down. Plain and simple explanation: Asa Jackson made plays, Brown drew flags. Jackson had a very nice interception and played well at corner.

3.) Ricky Wagner is on his way to winning the right tackle job. My eyes were glued to Wagner all night as I am eager to see his development. Wagner played the entire first half because the Ravens are just as eager for him to be a starter. Wagner played well and did a good job working to the second level of the defense.

4.) CJ Mosley is going to be a beast. The Ravens may project to start but the Ravens wanted him to get reps. He made plays including a tackle in the backfield, a sack and a broken up screen. Mosley played fast and showed his strength in tackling is matched by his high football IQ.

5.) Other than two fumbles the Ravens run game looked great. Justin Forsett and Bernard Pierce ran hard and the offensive line was quick and strong.

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