Raiders Relocation?

Chris Schisler

The Oakland Raiders are flirting with the idea of relocation. They are sick of sharing a stadium with the Oakland Athletics, who extended their lease for the next 10 years. The stadium is in major need of upgrades as it does not bring in the money other NFL teams make. The Raiders want a new black hole and they may move to get it.

The Raiders may have been mostly awful in recent years but are one of the league’s most iconic franchises. Taking them away from their very loyal fans would be crippling to the franchise. The NFL does not want to see the team move; they understand the league is better when the Raiders are strong. Even when the silver and black are bad they are still the beloved Oakland Raiders.

So you may be thinking that whats the big deal if they move back to LA? You may think this would make sense because the Raiders spent over a decade in Los Angeles. Here is the problem, they’re not getting a new stadium in LA. That means Oakland is not moving there, end of discussion.

However San Antonio is intrigued. They will work with the Raiders on a new stadium. This means San Antonio could actually get the Raiders. It is a much smaller market but this has not hindered the Spurs. San Antonio is a possibility.

Al Davis may be gone but his cavalier attitude seems to be well alive in his son (Current owner) Mark. Mark Davis wants a new stadium bad. If Oakland does not help it is the guilty party if Davis relocates. What a shame that would be.,

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