Proud To Be A Ravens Fan

Chris Schisler

Dear World,
I grew up a Ravens fan; I was just six years old when Baltimore got its beloved football team. Football became my passion from a very early age. It was always easy to root for the Ravens. There has always been an appealing personality to the team. We are the perennial underdog who everyone disrespects, doubts and take shots at. We are that tenacious and persistent team that has always been better than anyone gives credit. The Ravens keep having success and we keep getting disrespected. The owner of the franchise proudly alluded to the chip on our shoulder while we were celebrating our second world championship in Baltimore. The Ravens run a class organization and it starts with the self made Baltimore man, owner, Steve Bisciotti. Ozzie Newsome is a brilliant man that people can look up to. The same can be said throughout the entire organization from Eric DeCosta to John Harbaugh and all the many names you don’t even know. I have always been proud to be a Ravens fan. That is why when I see the demonization of the Ravens through the national eye it lights a fire in my heart. People are taking the Ray Rice situation and warping a very ugly perception of the Ravens. I always take pride in my brutal objectivity and honesty. This article I am writing as a fan, as a born and raised member of Ravens Nation.

Today I saw a tweet from @NFL_Memes that angered me. I should mention that this Twitter account intends to be comical. Most of their tweets are good natured humor worth a chuckle. This is not one of those tweets.


This tweet got Retweeted over 2,000 times and got some even nastier comments that would take a good minute to scroll through. This is not a fair representation of the Baltimore Ravens or their fans who are equally victims here. I know I should ignore it, or laugh it off but I can’t. The Ravens have been one of the most important things to me since I was a little boy.

I understand the Ray Rice incident was public relations suicide. I understand that 5 Ravens got arrested this offseason. I get it. It looks bad right now. The Ravens however are truly a class organization. The Ravens go out of their way to be a part of the community. John Harbaugh has gone over seas with the USO to give support to the troops; the Ravens do a great job with military appreciation. Player foundations like the Ladarius Webb foundation, and the Jacoby Jones foundation, for example are committed to helping underprivileged youth. The Ravens do a lot of good things, they just don’t get publicity the way off the field mistakes do.

The Ravens have a strong connection with their fans. There is a true appreciation shown between the Ravens and their fans. This is a link to a video (not my video) of the Ravens Super Bowl send off rally.

I can’t watch this without getting emotional. When John Harbaugh said “And to all the fans who aren’t going, you’re going! You know why? Because you will be in our heart,” I was truly moved. It was not one of those superficial things that someone says to sound good. John Harbaugh was sincere, you could feel it. I have always said its more than just a game and the Ravens are more than just a football team. The Ravens mean so much to us fans, that I could write for hours and words would never truly capture the magnitude of what I mean.

The jailbird jokes are not funny. They focus on a rather small percentage of people associated with the Ravens who have gotten into trouble. The Ravens have an unbelievable quantity of great men. Torrey Smith, Joe Flacco, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata and Dennis Pitta are just a handful of the many Ravens I am proud to root for. The Ravens mean the world to me. I am proud to be a Ravens fan.

Sincerely (on behalf of Ravens fans everywhere)
-Chris Schisler


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