Rant of the Week: Report to Camp Marshawn!

Chris Schisler

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The Seattle Seahawks star running back, Marshawn Lynch is holding out of training camp. Lynch is in pursuit of a raise. Its not Lynch is not getting paid as he has $13 million coming his way in the next two seasons. Lynch, who we affectionately refer to as “Beast Mode”is the center piece of the Seahawks physical offense. However Lynch is being selfish, here. With Seattle’s long line of players to pay in the near future, what does Lynch expect?

When a little boy gets a brother the little boy becomes excited. When the baby takes the boy’s attention he gets jealous. This is what happened with a not so little Marshawn Lynch. Richard Sherman, Percy Harvin and Earl Thomas just got paid big money (attention). Now Lynch is mad that they got more money (attention) than him.

Lynch has absolutely nothing to complain about. His contract is the sixth highest among running backs. This is pretty damn fair deal, if you ask me. It would be one thing if he had a case of being underpaid- he simply does not.

This will be Lynch’s 8th season and he has taken a lot of wear and tear. I’m not suggesting its almost over for Lynch because there is no evidence to support that. What I am saying is that no teams, not even the run focused Seahawks, are going to give Lynch the kind of money he is looking for. Running backs take brutal hits and their career could end at any moment. They are important but unfortunately for Lynch, running backs are risky long term investments.

The Seahawks built their Super Bowl winning team through the draft. They filled the team with great young talent that was cheap. Now that their players are moving on to second contracts, the Seahawks have to shell out some cash. Russell Wilson will soon get his mega deal contract. Seattle loves Lynch, but there is no way to give him his raise. This holdout will likely get ugly.

Lynch has some growing up to do, if we’re being completely honest. Some holdouts make sense. If you are legitimately getting underpaid than you can complain. Lynch however, is getting exactly his market value. Its not like he can’t afford his Skittles (to speak in a tongue in cheek way).

I often support players because its a business and in business you do whats best for you. But this is the real world and he signed a contract. He signed a contract that was (and still is) very fair. Just because your teammates (siblings) got more money (attention) than you does not mean you should hold out (cry like a little boy). Their contracts do not make your contract any less fair.

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