Should Marvin Lewis Be On The Hot Seat?

Going into his 12th season with the Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis, has yet to win a playoff game. He has an 0-5 record in postseason play; last season his team fell at home to the San Diego Chargers. Lewis is credited with bringing legitimacy to a team once mocked as the “Bungles”. He has three division championships and have been competitive in most of his tenure. At what point however does the front office lose patience, with simply not being bad? So the question that this article will explore is: Should Marvin Lewis be on the hot seat?

We must admit that coaches have been fired for a whole lot less. Every year the so called coaching carrousel spins madly. Coaches come and coaches go. Marvin Lewis has led the Bengals franchise since 2003. He has become one of the exceptions to the rule of short coaching tenures. And is the only one of these exceptions not to have a playoff victory under his belt.

The Bengals front office knows at least in the front of their minds that they have probably reached their peak under Lewis. At what point do they demand playoff success? To use Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, if the Bengals keep trying to make it work with Lewis they cannot expect different results.

All of this being said it is doubtful they will even consider getting rid of Lewis if he remains winless in the postseason. It is more likely that they would blame quarterback, Andy Dalton than Lewis. The Bengals were a laughing stock before Marvin Lewis. He made them a respectable team. I don’t know that anything will make them fire Lewis. Even if there is reason to do so.


  • I do agree other have been sacked for less.

  • Of course Marvin Lewis should be on the hot seat. Name another NFL head coach who’s coached the same team for eleven years and never won a playoff game. I can’t. But Mike Brown is known to be frugal, and only makes coaching changes when absolutely necessary, so I don’t see Marvin going anywhere anytime soon.

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