The Best & Worst Divisions in Both Confrences

Chris Schisler

We will start our search for the best and worst divisions in football with the NFC. The hierarchy of power is a little more defined in the NFC, where as the AFC is more clustered. Outside of Denver, you could easily debate the top tier in the AFC. In the NFC all you have to do is look to the west.

The NFC West is clearly the best division in the National Football League. The division features the reigning champion Seahawks, the NFC runners up 49ers and the tough Rams and Cardinals. The NFC West is the clear cut epicenter for NFL rivalries as each team plays a hard nosed style of football.

The NFC East is the worst division in football. Other than the flashy Eagles, the division is meekly composed. The other teams are the sometimes good Giants, the boisterously average Cowboys and the fractured franchise that is the Washington Redskins. Cowboys fans probably resent the heck out of me by now…I’m okay with this.

In the AFC this is a little harder. There is no dominant division. Other than the Broncos, who won the AFC’s number 1 seed two consecutive seasons, are the powers really established? New England is always competitive but has flaws. The Ravens figure to be back to contender form but did go 8-8 last season. All throughout the conference there is uncertainty.

The best division is probably the AFC West. It features three playoff teams from this past season. Denver is one of the premier teams in all the league. I think the Chargers take a step forward this season; they were on fire late last season. I don’t put to much stock into the Chiefs, at least as contenders, but they’re not a bad team. The Raiders are the clear bottom feeder.

The worst division is the AFC South. The Jaguars and Texans have their issues and the quarterback is chief among them. The Titans are still hoping Jake Locker can be what they hoped he would be as the franchise quarterback. Andrew Luck and the Colts are the clear frontrunners.

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