A Refocused Common Sense Football

Loyal Common Sense Football fans,

I just wanted to inform you of what is to come in this new and exciting football season. Common Sense Football is entering its second year. The first year was amazing, it was truly more than I ever expected it to be. In year two we are on a mission.

We will be starting a new series of videos that will serve as a football 101 course. These videos will help new football fans, or those who love the game but don’t really understand the makings of a play. In these videos I will use a whiteboard to take you through the basics of football.

I am very excited to do these videos. When I was 9 years old I did not like football. This is largely because at this point in my life Pokemon were my supreme interest. It was also because I did not understand football.

My parents forced me to watch Super Bowl XXXIV between the Titans and the Rams, with them and my brother (of course I had my Gameboy, they could not get out of my fingers). The ending of the game caught my attention. 1 yard was the difference, how much more dramatic can it get.

That offseason I decided to get into football. I went to Ravens training camp in Westminster, I started watching the games. Slowly but surely I became a football fan. When the Ravens won the Super Bowl that season…that was the magic that catapulted the obsession.

Once I understood the game at a basic level, it became fascinating. If an 10 year old kid can learn the game, so can you. The beauty of football is it is really a simple game with simple bits and pieces. However these bits and pieces are plentiful and people have trouble putting it all together.

So a little later today I will start put it all together with my first video.

Chris Schisler

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