Predictions NFC East

Chris Schisler

Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6
Reason: The Eagles came on strong in the second half of the 2013 season. I think the NFL adjusts to the new look Eagles offense a bit in 2014. That being said, the Eagles are clearly the most talented team in the NFC East. They should win this division rather easily.

New York Giants: 8-8
Reason: The Giants were 7-9 last season. I really don’t see how they improved all that much. The offensive line and secondary are the main concerns though I think you could add linebackers into the discussion. This is not a playoff team. Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin give the Giants some respectability but they can’t save this team fan they?

Dallas Cowboys: 6-10
Reason: There is absolutely no defense on this roster. Can you find it? I know I am being facetious but you get my point. Sean Lee tore his ACL and DeMarcus Ware went to the Broncos. A historically bad defense got worse. The offense has a lot of talent. However Romo in shootouts inevitably screws up. He is a QB slot machine. The turnovers put stress on a drastically bad defense. To steal a line from the cooking shows Jerry Jones probably watches instead of working on winning: This is a recipe for disaster.

Washington Redskins: 5-11
Reason: This team is in desperate need of help. There is no promising the health of Robert Griffin III. If he does stay healthy his offense is not going to be a juggernaut. The defensive secondary is a major concern.


One comment

  • Old time Cowboy fan

    You’ve got it right about Romo. There are a lot of people who say he is as great QB. I say a great QB is someone who wins playoff games and Superbowl rings–something the Cowboys haven’t done since Jimmy Johnson made the Cowboys champions. Maybe there is a reason Romo was undrafted. Jerry had been looking for a quarterback on the cheap for the better part of a decade then found Romo. Now Jerry and Romo have sucked the air out of this team for the rest of this decade. ESPN reports, “All told, Romo now has a seven-year deal worth $119.5 million.” Hell, the NFL salary cap was $120 million, just a few dollars more than the cost of Romo’s contract. That’s a lot for a quarterback who has won one wildcard playoff game in his entire career. Makes you wonder why Jerry gave a whole years salary cap money to a 33 year old QB who has a career record of 13-20 in December and January. Romo better not complain that he doesn’t have top rated receivers, running backs, linemen, and a highly rated defense. Question is, will the Cowboys even make it to the playoffs again in this decade with such a high percentage of their payroll going to a quarterback who loses so many games because of turnovers. Romo better carry this team on his back, because there won’t be money to keep or bring in other high paid stars.

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