Predictions NFC North

Chris Schisler

Green Bay Packers: 12-4
Reason: The Packers have arguably the best quarterback in football. The offense may go to new heights. I really love the addition of Devante Adams, especially in the red zone. The offense will stay balanced because of the versatile Eddie Lacey; this will help them win the NFC North’s grind it out games late in the season. The defense will be much better. Julius Peppers gives the Pack another pass rusher. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix will help the secondary greatly.

Chicago Bears: 10-6
Reason: There is no doubting the offense (if Cutler can stay healthy). Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall may be the best receiver duo in the NFL. Add Martellus Bennet and Matt Forte and its almost like a video game. The Bears defense was horrible in 2013 however. I do not see it being much better in 2014. This is why they will finish second to the Pack.

Minnesota Vikings: 9-7
Reason: The Vikings fresh start will fall just short of playoff football. Teddy Bridgewater will at some point overthrow Matt Cassell as the starter. This will energize the Vikings. Minnesota has a ton of young talent and it is about to start showing.

Detroit Lions: 7-9
Reason: The Lions play what I call pinball football. They rack up high scores and often their opponent gets the highest score. The Lions have a weak secondary and a flashy but not all that great defense. A good pass rush and Stephen Tulloch does not make up for their defensive issues. I obviously love their new defensive coordinator, Teryl Austin. However you have to give him the talent. The undisciplined Lions did not address key problems and it will hurt them in 2014.

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