Early Predictions; AFC West

Chris Schisler

Denver Broncos 13-3
Reason: It is no surprise that Denver is going to be good. With a buffed up defense and Peyton Manning under center have no doubts about the Broncos (In the regular season).

San Diego Chargers: 11-5
Reason: The Chargers seemed to find new life last year,under head coach, Mike McCoy. Phillip Rivers especially seemed jump started. The Chargers took care of their needs this offseason, and had a phenomenal draft.

Kansas City Chiefs: 7-9
Reason: I think the Chiefs made the playoffs last season due to a very easy schedule. They beat teams they should have beaten and lost to quality opponents. I have little trust in Kansas City to be a playoff team.

Oakland Raiders: 5-11
Reason: The Raiders just are not that good. Schaub Is damaged goods at quarterback. Carr will be if they play him right away. The Raiders are once again just not that good.

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