Early Predictions AFC South

Chris Schisler

Indianapolis Colts: 11-5
Reason: The Colts have gone 11-5 two consecutive years in a row. Its hard to see them slipping from this consistency. With a healthy Reggie Wayne and the addition of Hakeem Nicks, the Colts offense should be explosive.

Tennessee Titans: 9-7
Reason: The Titans have a solid roster. I still worry about their secondary. Of course the big question is would the real Jake Locker please step up? He has shown flashes of hope. The Titans will be a decent team but fall short of the playoffs.

Houston Texans 7-9
Reason: Houston has a great looking roster but no quarterback. Unless one of the quarterbacks surprises me, Houston should prepare fir a long year.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 6-10
Reason: The Jaguars have a lot of missing pieces. They know this too. If they didn’t there would be no reservation about starting Blake Bortles this year..

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