Early Predictions: AFC North

Chris Schisler

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens: 12-4
Reasons: I think the Ravens will have a dominant defense. The Ravens have a now fairly youthful and loaded defensive roster. I also think Gary Kubiak will help Joe Flacco better than ever. The Ravens have more offensive talent around Joe than he has had in his whole career.

Cincinnati Bengals: 10-6
Reasons: This is a very good team. The Bengals however have their flaws. 10-6 will not win the AFC North for a second consecutive season. The Bengals have beaten lesser competition but have struggled against playoff teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-8
Reasons: Its hard to imagine a bad Steelers team but very easy to see an average one. Big Ben gives them some legitimacy however I don’t see a great team around him. The offensive line is still a major concern. The secondary is still a major concern as well.

Cleveland Browns: 6-10
Reasons: Without Gordon, the offense could struggle. Brian Hoyer is capable but nothing special. Johhny Manziel could be special but it will not happen right away. The Browns will be competitive but will lack the firepower needed offensively.

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