One Statement For Every Team:Presented By Yogolaada

Chris Schisler

Here is what teams are heading into training camp, in one sentence. Should be a fun offseason article, so he we go!

AFC East

1.) New England Patriots:
The Patriots will be better on defense and their offense depends heavily on the health of Rob Gronkowski.

2.) New York Jets:
If they can get adequate QB play from Geno Smith or Michael Vick they have a chance to make some noise.

3.) Buffalo Bills:
The Kiko Alonso injury is devastating but the Bills still have a lot of potential for a fresh start.

4.) Miami Dolphins:
The Dolphins focus is clearly on protecting Ryan Tannehill; time will tell if they made improvement in protection.

NFC North:

5.) Green Bay Packers:
Aaron Rodgers always gives Green Bay a chance and the defense will be improved this season.

6.) Chicago Bears:
Jay Cutler was given a huge financial sign of support from the Bears; he must be a top tier passer in 2014.

7.) Detroit Lions:
The Lions are so offensive focused that they ignored their desperate need for help in the secondary.

8.) Minnesota Vikings:
Teddy Bridgewater will make a huge statement in his rookie season that the Vikings can be winners.

NFC East:

9.) Dallas Cowboys:
Tony Romo has to play impeccably because the bad Cowboys defense projects to be worse this season.

10.) Washington Redskins:
If RG3 struggles there could be a very interesting quarterback controversy in Washington DC.

11.) Philadelphia Eagles:
Nick Foles will have to have another great season if the talented Eagles are to have a chance in a tough NFC.

12.) New York Giants:
If the Giants protect Eli and Eli protects the football, good things will happen.

AFC West

13.) Denver Broncos:
We know Peyton makes Denver a contender but he has yet to make them a champion.

14.) Kansas City Chiefs:
The Chiefs are an adequate team with an adequate quarterback; they beat lesser competition and lose to playoff caliber teams.

15.) San Diego Chargers:
The Chargers addressed their offseason needs and will give Denver a real run for their money.

16.) Oakland Raiders:
The Raiders will be more competitive but are still the AFC West bottom feeders.

NFC South:

17.) Carolina Panthers:
The defense is championship caliber; the question is can the offense be good enough?

18.) New Orleans Saints:
The Saints need to play strong in the defensive front 7, if they do the Super Bowl is a possibility.

19.) Atlanta Falcons:
They fixed the offensive line but their defense needs a lot more work.

20.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
The Bucs have the opposite problem of the Panthers; they have the weapons but do they have the quarterback.

AFC South

21.) Indianapolis Colts:
Andrew Luck will have an explosive offense with Hakeem Nicks and a healthy Reggie Wayne.

22.) Houston Texans:
They do not have a franchise QB on the roster despite having a great looking defense.

23.) Jacksonville Jaguars:
Don’t expect much from the Jags but they have some fight in them.

24.) Tennessee Titans:
Jake Locker has plenty of talent around him & it is a put up or shut up season for him as the QB.

NFC West

25.) Seattle Seahawks:
History suggests they will struggle, as defending champions, but its hard to see why on such a good team.

26.) San Francisco 49ers:
The 49ers paid Kaepernick expecting championships, time will tell if he can.

27.) St.Louis Rams:
After drafting Aaron Donald, the Rams have the best defensive line in football.

28.) Arizona Cardinals:
This is a solid all around team but they play a tough schedule in a brutal division.

AFC North

29.) Baltimore Ravens:
There are a lot of new pieces in Baltimore and it all looks exciting.

30.) Cleveland Browns:
Johnny Manziel makes the Browns exciting, who was the last player to accomplish that feat?

31.) Pittsburgh Steelers:
Big Ben always gives the Steelers a chance to be very competitive; the Steelers have missed the playoffs two straight seasons.

32.) Cincinnati Bengals:
The Bengals have a good team and its all about how far Andy Dalton can take them.


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