Rant of The Week: I Can’t Stand The Top 100 List

Chris Schisler

The NFL Network came up with a genius idea. They have the players vote (yet don’t really explain the method for these votes) to rank the best 100 players in the National Football League. Truth be told its an entertaining program which gives credit to players who deserve it. Fans love it because it is the ultimate platform for debate. The list however has a great deal of fault in my eyes. There are many players who are way to high on the list. I don’t buy that there are 47 players better than the Bengals Geno Atkins. Von Miller is a bonafide star yet he is ranked at 75? How are there 74 players better than the stud that is Von Miller? How in the world is Aaron Rodgers, who I see as the most valuable player in the NFL, not in the top 10. Seriously, the only place Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Jamal Charles get picked over Rodgers is in a fantasy football draft. The 30 year old quarterback has potentially a decade more of slicing up secondaries and he is ranked 11th?

Let me ask you a question. If you were going to build a team around 1 football player, who would you choose? Chances are a lot of you answered Aaron Rodgers. I have no problem with Manning, Brady or Brees in the top 10 but there is no doubt that Rodgers belongs in this elite group.

I really like Russell Wilson, but his ranking 20th is ridiculous. He is not a top 5 QB. He is very good, there is no doubt but this reeks as an overreaction to winning the Super Bowl. The Seahawks were a great team that highlighted defense and running the football.

It does make me really happy to see Richard Sherman in the top 10. He shuts down an entire half of the field on a consistent basis. That is priceless. My issue is that Patrick Peterson is at slot 22. I have no problem ranking Sherman at number 7 but is Peterson really 15 ranks behind Sherman? You could easily argue that Peterson is just as good if not better than Sherman. There is really no reason to the list; which is why I can attack it for hours.

The lineman are wildly under represented, especially offensive linemen. The highest ranked offensive lineman is Joe Thomas, at 18. The next ranked offensive lineman is Jason Peters all the way down at 67. While JJ Watt and Robert Quinn made it in the top 20 many defensive linemen are ranked too low. The NFL top 100 might as well be a fantasy football list-which is very cool- but it should be about more than flashy statistics. Football is a game about substance, and this list undervalues this.

The NFL Network though is brilliant. A blogger’s complaints about the list just increase its relevance. Ranking players may be a silly practice but its an effective way to get conversation brewing. A players value is measured by how much a franchise will pay him for his continued performance. This means that the same players can have different value (or rankings) in different organization. This list has a surplus in entertainment value and a deficit in practicality.

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