Blitz of The Week Presented by Yogolaada


This is a cover 1 blitz against 21 personnel. This means there is only one deep safety, we are dialing up the blitz and the offense has 2 backs and 1 tight end. The defense is aligned to the obvious strong side. The strong side defensive end slants and attacks the tight end. This prevents or at least delays him being a receiver; it also prevents him from blocking the Sam. The Sam linebacker comes off the edge. The Strong Safety flies in the C gap, under the End. The Mike Backer flies through the B gap. The nose flies through the strong side A gap. The weak defensive end loops out to be picked up by the tackle. The Rush linebacker tries to get through inside the tackle. The Will plays the running back in man coverage. The corners on the outside play man. If it is a run all the gaps are accounted for.

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