You got Questions, I have Answers

-Chris Schisler

Question one comes from Victor Hensley IV (@Frezeal33):
Will the Panthers offense be surprisingly good or disastrously bad in 2014?

Answer: With Cam Newton, a good offensive line and a decent running game the Panthers will not be terrible offensively. However with a bunch of second and third receivers its hard to imagine them being amazing. I think Carolina managed to break even; they are in the same boat they were last year. The defense will be great, Cam Newton will get better and better and there will nit be enough offense around him. The Panthers are a good team, however they lack explosive playmakers.

Question two comes from Yogolaada (@Yogolaada):
What record will win the number 1 seed in the AFC? What record will the 6th seed be?

I think 12-4 will get the number 1 seed in the AFC. The Broncos have been the number one seed two consecutive years. The AFC West is no longer a pushover division (with the exception of Oakland). The Patriots division has gotten a little tougher as well. 12 wins, maybe some tie breakers should win a conference where nobody has truly broken away as a clear cut favorite. The AFC will be better this year. I think even the 6 seed needs to have 10 wins. The AFC will be very competitive and have bunches of teams clumped together for the playoff spots. It should make for fun and meaningful football down the stretch.

Question three comes from Brian M. (@Briski715):
John Harbaugh has been very successful in his first 6 years as a HC. His decisions seem to be calculated and for the most part successful. He will be tested as the Ravens get younger on both sides of the ball. He has shown a penchant for veterans to start over rookies (with a few rare exceptions). He has made a huge change this year in going with an offense that is not from the coaching tree that he was bred. Is this a transition year as a coach where he becomes open to new ideas an possibly lets some rookie like maybe J Butler or a C Gillmore Start without earning their stripes on special teams or IR? Curious if you think he is evolving as a HC?

Answer: I think John Harbaugh is learning, Brian. He comes from a line of stubborn but highly intelligent coaches. He let Matt Elam start last year after Huff showed he couldn’t do the job. I believe that there is less reservation to start rookies than you think, in Harbaugh. I do however think that players have to earn his trust as well as their place on the depth chart. CJ Mosley and Terrence Brooks will start. As for changing the offense he is not insane. The definition of insanity according to Einstein is to try the same thing and expect different results. Harbaugh is the same Harbaugh we know and love. This just means he has learned that he needs to change as the needs of his team changes.

Question four comes from B.Black (@BBlack_9): Who is the Ravens most complete player?

Like anything, this depends on your definitions. To me, the most complete player is Terrell Suggs. He is often good against the run and is a dominant pass rusher. Because. He can do it all and he is a leader, he is the most complete player.

Question 5 comes from Bobby M. (Not on Twitter): Do the Ravens have enough depth at running back?

The question is not depth, its quality. The Ravens have the bodies in the backfield with Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce, Lorrenzo Taliaferro and Justin Forsett. Rice is coming off a bad season and will miss the beginning of the year with a suspension. Bernard Pierce is coming off injury. Taliaferro is a rookie. Forsett is a quality veteran back with experience in Kubiak’s offense. Speaking of Gary Kubiak, he has had good running backs every where he has gone. The Ravens have 4 options at running back and should be okay.

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