The Difference Between “Johnny Football” & Josh Gordon

Chris Schisler

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a good time but when you’re an NFL star it is a slippery slope. To be in the National Football League players must be three years away from high school, meaning all professional football players are adults. The same rules and laws apply to NFL stars as anyone else. The difference is the spotlight. If I really screw up it affects my friends and family. If an NFL player makes a mistake it becomes a buzz worthy headline. That is a huge difference. Players who were once beloved, can tarnish their reputations in a split moment. A football player may not be a role model but he is certainly a public figure. There is nothing wrong with partying but there is something wrong in being irresponsible.

I defended Johnny Manziel when the media acted like going to Vegas was an intolerable action. You would have thought the rookie quarterback murdered someone after watching ESPN’s analysts with their judgmental head shaking. Manziel spent a harmless weekend in Vegas, he found no trouble, it should not be a heavily discussed story. How would you feel if your vacation plans were subject to this level of scrutiny? I defended Johnny Manziel because the media scrutiny was ludicrous, however I don’t feel sorry for him. This is a man who steals the show everywhere he goes, “Johnny Football” is a national obsession. Manziel knew the reaction he would garner from his actions.

Josh Gordon, Manziel’s teammate, is a whole different story. Gordon was originally suspended for two games due to violating the substance abuse policy. He continued to smoke marijuana, he failed another drug test and was given the standard punishment of a season long suspension. Gordon appealed and fans went crazy defending the superstar receiver. Their point is marijuana is largely being decriminalized in the United States. They use the pot-head mantra “It’s not a big deal, bro.” There may be nothing wrong with marijuana, in fact many would say there is everything right with the drug. Breaking the rules that you agreed to by signing a contract however almost always ends in your employer disciplining you. Josh Gordon is a special athlete, but nobody is immune to rules and laws. This is especially true of behaviors which are monitored closely your employer. If you still feel the urge to support Gordon’s appeal, what do you say about his DWI arrest?

Johnny Manziel is immature, but he does not get into trouble. Josh Gordon is immature and keeps finding trouble. Johnny Manziel takes over SportsCenter. Its annoying. However we cannot clump Manziel in with fellow Brown, Josh Gordon. Gordon has an utter disrespect for the rules and continuously brings trouble upon himself. While Manziel invites his critics to sound off with his antics; what did he do wrong?

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