3 Things I Want To See: Ravens Defense

The 2014 Ravens defense has an incredible amount of talent. When you have so much talent its time to spice things up. Here are 5 elements the Ravens should think about adding to their defense:

1.) Using Terrell Suggs as a spinner:

Terrell Suggs is the Ravens most dynamic pass rusher. Quarterbacks fear him and left tackles are not exactly fond of T Sizzle. I want them to use Suggs as a spinner. This means that we move around the Suggs before the snap, several times a game. On one play he can line up behind the nose guard, on one play he can line up on the same side as Elvis Dumervil. The point is to give the offense another thing to worry about, while creating a great matchup for our best pass rusher. Why have him go against left tackles every play? We move around receivers and tight ends to give them the best match ups. Lets creatively give the man from “Ball So Hard University” the best match ups. There is no reasons Terrell Suggs can’t have 15 sacks.

2.) Less Transparency:

Dean Pees is a good defensive coordinator and the Ravens defense was decent last season. That being said its so frustrating how vanilla the defense can be. There is not enough pre-snap movement. Quarterbacks read the defense too easily. I want to see there be movement before the snap, when possible. I would love to see a radar defense package. This means that every body in the defense would move around in an ameba like upright formation. Everyone’s responsibilities remain the same but quarterbacks have no clue whats going on.

3.) Make Baltimore Blitzimore:

The Baltimore Ravens have nothing but athleticism from their linebacking group. CJ Mosley, Arthur Brown and Darryl Smith are all great blitzers. We have an athletic defensive line. Stunts from the defensive line set up blitzes. Most importantly the secondary is strong enough to supports an aggressive defense. Terrel Suggs Elvis Dumervil,Courtney Upshaw and Albert McClellan are all athletic outside linebackers. There is no reason the Baltimore Ravens should not have one of the best pass rushing defenses. Dial up the blitz, bring the pressure and create turnovers; this is what I want to see.

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